live2d artist → vyolfers
live2d rigger → muffimuffy
twitter pfp → coolsockies
twitter banner → lisa

twitch pfp → coolsockies
twitch banner → klaius
twitch panel art → coolsockies
starting animation → mametchi
just chatting bg → yamuiro
muni in grass bg → coolsockies
stream alerts → mametchi
stinger art → meelaffs
stinger animation → jhinxx
sub & bit badges → woodspixl
website art → superiormari
emotes → chiika
emote edits / anim → tini
muniDank anim → sae
muniDance anim → mametchi
muniWobble anim → kurotenshi
muniRock anim → fruitsspunch
muniPANIC anim → temachii

commission status:

vtuber, ♡ stag beetles! streamer, "youtuber" & digital artist ฅ( `ᆺ ´ ฅ)

by commissioning me you hereby agree to my terms of service


g e n e r a l i n f o r m a t i o n
✩ i currently only allow personal, non-commercial use of my commissions
✩ youre allowed to use the commission as your avatar, in your panels & on your overlay
credit isnt necessary but is always much much appreciated =}
✩ i only accept commissions with picture refs
✩ i generally stream my work process .. please let me know beforehand if you only wish for it to be worked on in private
✩ i will decline your commission if i find myself unfit for your request(s)
i do not offer rush orders
✩ commissions take a few days up to a month .. please dont commission me unless you have a lot of patience; i tend to get very overwhelmed & pestering me will only result in a blacklist
i w i l l n o t d r a w
✩ nsfw ( mildly lewd OK )
✩ furry / animals ( kemonomimi OK )
✩ armor / mecha
✩ gore / guro
✩ heavy muscles
✩ wrinkles / boomers

p a y m e n t
✩ i only accept payment through paypal
✩ ill send you an invoice through paypal once ive accepted your commission
✩ ill start your commission once i have time & have received the full payment
✩ i only accept $USD
✩ donations through twitch & streamlabs counts as tips & will not be accepted as a payment method unless discussed beforehand
r e f u n d s
✩ i do not issue refunds unless i have yet to start your commission .. please do keep in mind that i most likely wont accept your commissions in the future
✩ chargebacks will result in a blacklist

F . A . Q .

a b o u t m e? why munibug
✩ muni ( mooni ) just randomly came to me & the bug part is cos of stag beetles & catbug from bravest warriors
? age
✩ im 19
? whats your major
? what games do you play
✩ league of legends, osu, botw & vrchat .. i want to try out more switch games on stream
? favourite anime
✩ i dont watch it anymore unless its anime night but barakamon, nichijou & kimi ni todoke

a r t r e l a t e d q u e s t i o n s? how long have you been drawing for
✩ for a year .. i got my tablet at the end of june 2018 but i only took it seriousy & started actively drawing in september
? tools
✩ CINTIQ 13HD tablet
✩ clip studio paint
? art trade / requests
i currently dont accept neither
? how did you learn
✩ my definition of studying is just by looking at other peoples art cos i dont like watching tutorials .. they bore me LOL im honestly just experimenting & winging it
✩ i always ALWAYS save my art no matter how ugly it is cos looking back at my old drawings when ive improved is the best feeling ever + its nice having things i can redraw later on to really see my progress .. keeps me going =}

hello im munibug ฅ( `ᆺ ´ ฅ)
im a vtuber who likes stag beetles!
twitch partner, trash youtuber & digital artist


♡-----twitter pfp by shi__zumu
♡-----twitch pfp by nou4
♡-----emotes by chiika
♡-----sub badges by giuseppe
♡-----bit badges by woodspixl
♡-----stream alerts by suzuhi21
♡-----site art by dilutedsprite

‣ unbans r not issued. begging for someone elses unban will most likely get you banned too!anonymous donos / subs / bits / will not b acknowledgeddont lewd or flirt w me in the chat *link‣ any weird or degrading comments or questions about my voice will result in a ban. im tired!dont backseat me! dont tell me how or what to draw, spoil any games or leave any tips unless ive specifically asked for it! please dont state things like ‘ oh, shes at THIS part ‘ or ‘ THIS part is x ‘ as it sets up my reaction rather than giving me the opportunity to go in blind. do also stray away from excessively making fun of me / taunting me w solutions to ex. a puzzle game. im just trying to hf! ‣ do not beg for subs under any circumstances. dont bait others into gifting you a sub by announcing your expiring sub or typing out emotes you’re well aware you dont have access to

‣ preferably 18+‣ subs can freely post links in the chat but do however keep it on topic. as a non sub, request for perms by a mod as to not get bonked by the bot‣ my dms r closed off. your questions can b asked in the chat. additionally, please refrain from requesting me to check my dms during streams!‣ i am my own person & so r others, dont compare anyone to each otherplease dont follow me around in ex. ffxiv or ask to join any multiplayer games unless ive stated im looking for people to join. it otherwise puts a lot of pressure on me‣ please dont tell me who to host / raid unless ive asked for suggestions‣ i dont mind being spoken to in languages i fully understand & can respond to. other than that, please keep the chat englishthanks guys!